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Build your own interactive QR Menu for your business in few minutes with our user-friendly platform from scratch. Easy to build, easy to edit! Beautiful, practical and works right away! No need to install any applications, buy terminals, wait for confirmations etc.

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Choose your custom colors and styling of your QR code. Dynamic price flexibility with item variations feature. Display full food allergen information on the menu. Full statistics of performance of your restaurant. Floor plan Manager let you use POS services, visualize and organize your different areas.

  • QR styling tool
  • Item Variations/Extras
  • Food Allergens
  • Theme switcher
  • Floor Plan Manager
  • Performance Analytics
  • No mobile app required
  • Super-fast menu - PWA
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Call Waiter Button

Let your customers the ability to call a waiter any time without shouting. Make work more effective, raise the quality of service, involve your personnel with the right tasks, reduce personnel costs and raise customer satisfaction.


Quick and Easy Translation! Auto translation to 133 languages! Automatic Instant translation ensures that your foreign customers will feel comfortable being able to read your menu to their native language!

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Accept Orders Online!

Your clients from the comfort of their seats can order any time without waiting for waiter or for every person at the table to decide. They can order online via your digital menu directly from their phone.

Whats-app ordering

Using Whats-App Order Management for restaurants, your customers can easily send a message or place an order, and you can confirm orders quickly and efficiently! There are multifold benefits of getting in touch with customers through Whats-App chatbots.

Accept local orders

Our online delivery system provides a complete sales channel for the restaurant. This means that the restaurant can use it as a tool for generating more profits and organizing the restaurant better. Food delivery is one of the fastest developing areas in food tech.

Take away feature

Our online takeaway system will help you and your restaurant maintain control, even during the busiest nights. The takeaway system is simple and easy to use for you and your customers, because of its user-friendly design.

Floor Plan System

Manage your areas with our well-designed restaurant floor plan manager. It helps creating a roadmap to follow and can increase a restaurant's profit margins by enabling servers to move between the front and back faster, take POS orders easier and serve customers more efficiently.

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Accept payments online!

Accept payments from your customers online via your digital menu. Clients can either choose to pay by the old Pos/Cash ways or complete payments online using their smartphone. Our Digital menu include all famous online payment gateways along with full credit cards payments.

Manage orders live

We run one of the most advanced live ordering and order control system. Regardless of how popular your restaurant is or how many customers you have, with our state of the art order management system in place, you can enjoy all the benefits of it. Managing several orders seamlessly, complete live control over your orders, real time updates etc.

Kitchen Display System

Let the kitchen staff manage the orders Live - both web and POS orders. KDS is one of the most useful functions for sefs and kitchen workers. Modern kitchens can have several monitors to help cookers and sefs control and organise continuing orders. A real time food preparation state monitor that will organize orders in the kitchen to run better, easier and faster.

POS Cloud SaaS

Integrated POS Cloud SaaS designed especially for restaurants Bars and Hotels. Give to your waiters the power to send orders to your kitchen with their own phones. A great back up to your QR Menu to take phone orders for takeaway, delivery & room service, take table orders for recommended dishes and on behalf of guests. Save money on expensive hand held POS machines.

Accept contactless payments

Clients Registration

A customer registration form helps your business to understand how to reach customers, how to identify their profile and be more efficient in sales.

Clients Log Function

Analyzing reviews left by your customers, helps your company understand overall customer satisfaction, as they can provide your business with feedback regarding what your customers truly want.

Clients Coupons Function

This feature gives you the ability to give discounts codes to your clients. It can help boost your profit margin by strategically encourage your clients to buy a new, or a more profitable product or create loyalty with existing customers by using the discount coupon as a reward.

Staff/Drivers Registration

Give access to your staff to manage or receive orders on site or by POS orders live. Advanced drivers registration and manage system.

Dedicated Support

We answer every question the same day! We are and always will be here for you when you need us! Our support consultants are on hand to work alongside you to resolve problems, offer advice, and help move your business forward.

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You have control of your QR Menu 24/7 from wherever you are.

Using the QR Menu in your business, you can present your products without incurring printing costs and increase customer satisfaction and sales. Offer to your customers a clean and modern solution to see your menu. Regular print menus are touched with up to 100 hands per day.

Paper menu is getting ruined quickly. So you need to reprint. With QR Menu the QR card or sticker is protected and can last a lot longer.

Upgrade the ecological profile of your business now!

Give to your clients the possibility to order from the customer's place (table, room, etc.), safely, directly through your QR menu, with the possibility of electronic payment. Customers can call a waiter directly from the table to the waiter's smart watch/phone, without additional software of equipment!

Easily serve your visitors from all over the world and take advantage of the automatic translation feature. Your QR Menu is fully personalized to suit your business.

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